Person without a COVID mask! Please wear a mask over your nose.

Awaiting camera access (no videos or images are stored on your device or any servers)

😷📸🤖FaceMaskScolder3000 - automatically shame and scold people who aren't wearing their COVID-19 mask

What, why, who, and how: Video and blog post.

Instructions: Run a gym 🏋️? Store 🛍️? Classroom 🎒? Any small business - load this on your tablet or laptop, and point the webcam at the door to your space.

Privacy first: This app does not store any videos or images, neither on your device nor on any servers. View source code.

Hey there, fellow mask enthusiast!

Looks like you're on a mobile device.

The 😷📸🤖FaceMaskScolder3000 works best on laptops, desktops, and tablets with webcams.

Not near one of those? Watch the demo video, read the blog post, or fork the code.

When you're ready, visit this URL on anything that's not your phone basically: